Origen Sagrada: Cancellation / Refund Policies and Information

Your deposit donation guarantees your space for the retreat.  Our retreats always sell out.  We use this donation to pay for the location rental, airfare, and other costs associated with hosting the retreat.

We understand that things happen, and you may be need to cancel.

If you cancel 3 weeks before a scheduled retreat, you will receive a refund of your donation less a $75 processing fee, or you may use your entire deposit for another available retreat.

If you cancel less than three weeks before the start date, there will be no refunds, and you will not be able to use your deposit for another date or time.

Acceptance of this policy shall be deemed absolutely as a precondition to being allowed to enroll in any retreat. By making a donation and or registering for a retreat, the participant clearly states that they are over the age of eighteen, have read and understand this policy and agree to abide by the terms of this policy, no exceptions.

Please note that Origen Sagrada is a non-profit spiritual organization. We rely on donations for products and services and are in gratitude for each and every participant who contributes their time, donations and services.

I understand that I am over the age of 18 and that any and all payments made via credit card, PayPal.Com or both represent a commitment and binding contract to pay according to agreement, that participant agrees to pay all amounts due in full, and that in the event of cancellation of credit card payment and or filing of “charge back” claim or dispute with a credit card company or both, which results in a loss of income, fees, dues or donations of any kind to Origen Sagrada, that participant will cover this loss entirely, within 10 days by cash, certified check or money order. Furthermore, the participant agrees to reimburse entirely all legal and attorneys fees in relation to recovering any said losses resulting from charge backs and or reversals of transactions. The participant agrees to this as a precondition to being accepted into any Origen Sagrada Retreat.


Any participation in any potentially risky activities is at the participants’ sole discretion and responsibility. This includes during personal time outside of the regular scope and practice of retreats and programs.

As a participant in any program, I understand that these terms are binding, and as an agreement between the Camino al Sol providers and myself is a pre-condition toward my participation in all courses, classes,retreats, apprenticeships, work/study etc. as previously noted in the offering web page related to this specific program and or programs, previously received and reviewed. I understand that all cancellation and refunds will be based on Camino al Sol published Cancellation and Refund policy.

I the participant, am of legal age and able to sign and confirm acceptance of this agreement responsibly.