On November 25th of 2015 the Oklevueha Native American Church that Oklevueha Native American Church of Camino al Sol had completed all eligibility requirements to be and independent branch of ONAC headed by Danielle de Kiserre, as long as the trees and grass grow and rivers flow.

The Declaration further that The ONAC branch Church under the guidance of Danielle de Kiserre, will receive all rights and protections that the spiritual and incorporated trunk of the Oklevueha Native American Church receives. Although clearly Camino al Sol incorporates indigenous and traditional medicine theories and principles from North and South America, it’s origins are from the indigenous and traditional, tribal people of Colombia. Indigenous peoples of any country, band, tribal or familial organization are free to incorporate indigenous and traditional medicines from anywhere they are found in the world, provided they do not violate any practices of integrity and are inherently in agreement or concordance with the honoring of spirit and Mother Earth.

All indigenous persons are children of Mother Earth. As the indigenous traditional medicine practices of our Asian brothers and sisters have been offered to us in this spirit we choose to adopt certain of these practices and to incorporate them into our practice of healing. This Charter establishes Camino al Sol as a Bona Fide Traditionally based Native Indigenous Medicine and spiritual practice of the ONAC. We additionally honor and respect the sovereign right of any particular tribe to determine the content, practices and traditions that they uniquely observe. We ask the same respect for the practices of our church.

Code of Conduct for Oklevueha Native American Church Members

I commit to making effort to spend time each day in meditation and prayer, drawing closer to the Great Spirit and all of creation, the two-leggeds and the four-leggeds.
I commit to use the medicines and ceremonies to empower my body, mind and spirit and to serve myself and others and create peace and harmony in my relationships.
I commit that I will keep the ceremonies and what is shared there by others sacred, not sharing it outside the circle.
I commit that I will understand the responsibility to sustain and support those who bless me. I remember that medicine people and leaders have lives and families that need their time and they need to provide for them. I will be respectful and generous as they assist me.
I will read the Code of Ethics often and follow the concepts.
I will never share sacraments or sell medicines to those who are not members of ONAC. I understand that doing so removes my legal protection and exposes me to prosecution.
I will not disrespect the medicines and sacraments by using them for recreational purposes.
I will never manipulate others emotionally, spiritually or physically that are in the open state during ceremonies or while using medicines.