There has been a great tragedy here in Colombia, in Mocoa, Putumayo. This April 1st, massive rains have caused landslides resulting in the deaths of over 200 people, and hundreds are still missing. Homes, roads and bridges have been destroyed, and the city is devastated.


Our very own Samuel and Diego were in Mocoa visiting Taita Juan and his family when this tragedy struck. Luckily, they were unharmed and have returned home safely with the US visitors Ian and Melissa. Thank you all for sending emails and messages of concern. Mocoa and Putumayo is the home of the Siona and Cofan tribes, and the birthplace of the Medicine. Life is hard there in the best of times, and the Camino al Sol has been assisting folks in this region for some time.


We are asking all of you to help the people of Mocoa. We are taking donations to send to the people directly, through Taita Juan, a great elder and leader of the Siona Tribe. We are also collecting donations here in Medellin of clothes, medicines, food, to send on to the people directly. This is an opportunity for all you overseas to donate, knowing 100% of your donations will go to the people in need, not to global organizations who only send pennies on the dollar. Every little bit helps, even a $5 donation can feed a family for an entire day.


Donations can be made via paypal here through the link on this page. If you have any questions, would like to donate via credit card invoice, or would like to find further ways to help, please write me at